Jan TwitterImitation Real Life is a pseudo-spinn-off to a comic which was itself sort of a sequel to another comic. All clear? Great.

Okay, In college I drew a weekly strip called Mr. ’13 which followed the misadventures of a hapless freshman named John. It ended when I graduated, and John was only a slightly less hapless junior, because the timing was poorly planned. I then started Mr. ’12 bumping John up a year to follow the misadventures of a more-hapless-than ever recent graduate. It became apparent pretty quickly that Mr. ’12 was an author avatar, and it became kind of limiting. Enter Imitation Real Life, a new comic about Mr. ’12′s friends, a bunch of young twentysomethings and their lives in New York City. You’ll laugh (hopefully,) you’ll learn (probably not,) and you’ll love (eh.)

Updates are Monday and Thursday.